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[Action/Voice Post for Selphie]

[Selphie's feeling considerably better by the time Saturday rolls around. She's been left to sleep for the better part of the week and honestly, who could blame anyone for doing so? She was still lacking some of her usual energy, but she doesn't look like she could fall over at any given moment. When she wakes up completely, it leaves her feeling a bit confused. Wasn't she at...

Oh Hyne, she was sleeping in Rudy's bed again. Her face flushes slightly in embarrassment and she finds herself hoping that she didn't do rash. It seems that she's been brought back to her apartment where the past couple of days have been nothing short of a feverish blur while new feathers were growing back in place. She sits up carefully and lets her wings unfurl. Should she get herself checked out by a Doctor when they've completely grown back? That might be a good idea as she wraps a blanket around her shoulders and walks carefully out toward the main area of her home. Everything seems to be in order as she settles herself down on the couch with a tired sigh. Even walking that far had left her feeling tired again and spacing out.

She's not aware of anyone being in the apartment with her though as she stares up at the ceiling, lost in thought. She pulls her feet up off the floor and curls up in the blanket, oblivious to what's going on around her. There's not much chance of her going outside at the present time but she's always open to conversation. She fetch her journal off the table after a little bit which she opens and settles it in her lap before she skims through the pages for a few minutes before firing off some messages.]

[Filtered to Rudy]

[She coughs a bit to clear her throat.]

Thanks for letting me sleep at your place for a little bit. When I'm feeling better, I'll get the blanket washed and I'll bring back over to you! Still a little tired though but really, thank you!

[She ends the filter easily enough before she decides to let everyone else know that she's okay.]

So... other than the worst of the weather in Luceti, what've I missed? Don't worry about me though! I'm still a little under the weather but I'm feeling a lot better than I was earlier this week! I should probably take a nap after this. It's not fun feeling like you got run over by a train, let me tell ya!

There better be some snow left that hasn't been rolled up into snowmen because I still haven't made one yet this winter! It's a tradition from Trabia! It'll have to wait but it's gonna happen and I'm not taking no for an answer on that!

But anyway, whoever brought me home? [She coughs again.] Thank you. I really appreciate it.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna nod off here for a little bit but if you wanna pop by, you're more than welcome to do so! Just... well, y'know don't be too loud on your way in? [She cuts off the feed and before long, she's out like a light, curled up in Rudy's blanket on the couch in her very empty apartment. She's just happy to be home. Tired, safe, still tired but home.

It's an empty, lonely space but Selphie will take care of that in due time. She still needs a little bit of time but she'll be back to being good old Selphie soon.]
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[She should know better by now than to get her hopes up.

Selphie's left Luceti time and time again, never truly considering the impact she'd leave on those she left behind. She's been filled with nothing but dread the past few weeks at the notion of Ikki leaving. She's been checking to make sure his things were still there on a daily basis. He'd lost more than she had but she's still been hoping that he'd come back.

Selphie should've known what's coming. She woke up this morning and by hanging onto that one shining beacon of hope, she thought that he'd be back today. He never gave up on her so why should she do that to him? Regardless, Selphie pads through the apartment toward his room and just like how she'd found Smoker's room, Ikki's room was devoid of his presence.

With the exception of the things that she'd snagged from his room a few days ago, everything that made the room his was gone. She's alone in a great big apartment with no one to share it with. She's been through this more times than she wishes to count since she first came to Luceti all those years ago. She's lost her family and the strongest pillars of support she had left in the village.

She's only been delaying the inevitable as she comes to sit at the kitchen table. There's no use crying about it and it's not what he'd want her to do. She won't be able to pick up the pieces right away but for now, she has to let Luceti know. she's not showing her face to the world at the moment, but she's brave enough to use her voice to say these words that she hates saying.]

For those that knew him, Phoenix Ikki has left Luceti. He didn't --

[There's the sound of glass breaking in the background as she spins around around and sees the droids have come to pay her visit. She's in a bad mood already but she's unarmed as she dives for the stove and pulls out a cast iron frying pan. She can take on two droids by herself. Knowing that they can be beaten now, gives her all the incentive she needs to fight. She does manage to hold them off for a bit but the apartment is getting destroyed. Eventually, the droids corner the perky brunette before they manage to grab the teen and start hauling her off.

She's not going quietly or calmly as she shouts and struggles to break free. There might just be a couple of curses directed at the Malnosso in there but the droids don't seem very interested in conversing with her. They do however seem to become very forceful in getting her to stay still. She's decided that she's not going with them willingly as it causes her to struggle harder. A choice comment about the droids being nothing more than overgrown scrap heaps earns Selphie a swift crack in the back of the head. With stars dancing in her vision, it gives the droids enough time to whisk the girl from the village.]
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[Selphie's always known that she'd have to write another one of these messages sooner or later but she doesn't like them. She found it a bit odd that she'd been the first one up that day as she wandered over to Smoker's room and found the door to be open.

The room was empty. It was devoid of everything that had the room look like it had been lived in. Her eyes went wide in shock before she stepped back and sank to the floor, her shoulders sagging as she slumped forward. She sat there for quite a while in silence before heading back to her own room and grabbing her own journal. She had to say something to everyone else who knew Smoker.]

Smoker's no longer in Luceti. Smoker, Marco and Nico Robin are no longer in Luceti.

[Filtered to Frey; 100% Unhackable]

Frey, could you come over please?

[She puts down the pen and finds herself scouring the entire apartment, eventually coming across Smoker's jacket that the bots hadn't come in to swipe. She pulls it out of the closet and stashes it away in the closet in her bedroom before finding something to keep her mind preoccupied.

Once she learned that Ikki's friends had disappeared as well, Selphie edits her message to reflect the news.]
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[Hopefully those who know Selphie will understand her sudden silence over the journals in the past few weeks. She's not quite sure how it happened but she started feeling like she was living in a freezer no matter how many layers of clothing she wore. This just so happened to happen a few days before they were all whisked away to Malnosso World when her immune system had had enough abuse and left her with a wonderful case of the Flu. She'd spent most of her time at Malnosso World in bed with the family pet to keep her company. Having only enough energy to focus on sleeping and forcing herself to eat and drink was enough for the perky brunette during that time.

She'd finally gotten most of her energy back by the middle of last week but wasn't really feeling up to leaving the apartment. Besides, everything seemed to have changed around in the apartment and she was still in the process of rearranging everything to her liking. Maybe her rearranging has gone further into the living area of the apartment? The way that everything was arranged just gave her the feeling that they'd never lived there in the first place. A little artistic flair took care of that as she stands in the kitchen glaring at the top shelf of the cupboard where all the tea is being kept.]

Can we please put things on the lower shelves in the cupboard? It's either that or somebody's gonna start playing human footstool. Not all of us were born to be giants y'know!

[A little later on, Selphie takes to writing something down in the journal before switching over to voice.]

Welcome to Luceti Newbies!

Don't mind me there, it just felt right to say that to everybody who's been showing up this month! Hopefully everybody's found a place to stay by now and won't be caught out in the cold.

It looks like it could start snowing any day now though! No more mud, just loooooooots of snowmen to make!

And hey, anybody have any ideas on how to make these new apartments feel like a home again? I've spent the better part of this weekend just moving things around and discovering that being short seriously, super mega seriously sucks. A footstool or something would've been nice.

[She huffs before continuing.]

It's not all bad though.

Alrighty Luceti, tell me what's new and exciting!
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[Luceti, if you happen to live in or around Community House 1, then today is your lucky day! If you should just so happen to live on the sixth floor of said house then you may as well be winning the lottery. Or... as far as winning the lottery in Luceti is concerned anyway.

Selphie was looking for something to do and she's been loitering in the community kitchen on their floor and before long, the perky brunette has decided to take her first foray back into cooking. This is the same girl who back home wasn't allowed into a kitchen as a child because she only has a true talent for destroying pans and wasting food. Selphie is also the same girl who was exempted from home-ec without having to sign up for the course.

So why is she trying to cook today? Merely for the hell of it. She feels like experimenting and before long, she's zipped out of the building and down to the store for ingredients. She grabs whatever happens to be handy with reckless abandon and an excited look on her face. Her bags of food are dropped off in the kitchen before she's zooming into the apartment and grabbing the biggest bowl and baking pans she can find.

With that taken care of, the girl begins to pour anything and everything in the bowl and using her hands as mixing spoons. A splash of flour, half a bag of sugar, cayenne pepper, ginger, ponzu sauce, a generous amount of tobasco and this odd red sauce known as Frank's Red Hot.

Before long, her concoction is ready to go! It's poured into the pans and tossed into the preheated oven. She's feeling impatient and has heated the oven to 500ºF to get her creation cooking quickly.

Well... maybe that was a bit too fast as about fifteen minutes in, smoke can be seen wafting out of the sixth floor window. Selphie gawks at the disaster she's created, wishing she could use The End on it to make it all disappear but someone's bound to smell or see the smoke and wonder just what the heck she was up to. Without much further ado, Selphie has shut off the oven and opened the door to reveal some very ruined baking pans and a discovery for making charcoal.]

Uh oh...

[Her journal is open on the counter as clouds of smoke drift over the camera before an explosion can be heard in the background and bits of the uncharred, gloppy mess that she made go flying and coat the walls in the remains of her experiment. She's laughing sheepishly before she notices that her journal is recording the entire scene. Her face floods the screen and one can clearly see the charred bits of her cooking stuck in her hair. The young woman has that cheeky grin in place already.]

It's not what you think!

[And she shuts the journal.

Citizens of Luceti, whatever are you going to do?]
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[To be frank, Selphie didn’t know what to feel. She feels like this has happened before but with different circumstances she can’t quite recall but the feeling of déjà vu is weighing heavily upon her shoulders. After the fighting and the fleeting feelings of panic were done running their course, Selphie merely sat down on the ground in the shadow of the rec centre. She knew that Ikki would find her sooner or later but for now, she needed to sort out her head.

She sat there for quite some time lost in thought. Having a family was amazing and she wouldn’t change a thing in the world for the time she got to spend with the people in her make-believe family. There was one little issue however that was churning inside her belly for quite some time. It was bringing up repressed memories of another time that she doesn’t want to think about. She went still as a statue, her eyes going wide in shock before her hands started to shake.

It was through sheer force of will that she managed to get them to stop. There was a turbulent storm brewing in her and she didn’t have much desire to be around a lot of people but knew that there were others who suffering far more than she was at that time. Childhood trauma aside, Selphie finally stands up and strides out into the light of the plaza with a look of resolution on her face. There were people she needed to find, others she needed to demand answers from and two particular grumps that she wanted to hug more than anything. She could lie down in the dark and have a pity party later on.

Right now. Right there and now, she knew she had to do something as she goes back into the daylight to help where she can. She’s not a recent High School grad working as a receptionist but a SeeD who has been neglecting her training a bit. There’s also the issue of her memories and something that she can’t shake no matter how much she tries to think that it’s all just a trick.

Still, there’s someone in particular that she needs to seek out. She’d borrowed Ikki’s journal for a couple days and had spent a fair amount of time listening to past entries hoping to jog her memory more than talking to people could ever do. All the friends she’d made and lost and some things she’d rather forget despite the shaky details on some of them. A couple of distinct things stand out to her though after going through Ikki’s journal.
It’s with these thoughts in mind that she takes to the journal. However, she keeps the volume down but cheerful none the less.]

Good morning Luceti!

It’s a nice day out don’t ya think?

[Or maybe not because nobody likes having their memories tampered with is what she’s thinking.]

Looks like a lot of things have happened since I was here last, huh? Sorry if I didn’t recognize anybody when I first got here but I think I’ll be all right now. Or… if I was too loud and clumsy.

You know how it is.

Anyway, a certain shameless flirt who knows who he is owes me ice cream. Good thing you work at a convenience store that used to be a pizza shop, right?

And yeah!

[Filtered to Frey.]

We need to talk. As soon as possible.

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[ooc: This post will be for the entirety of the first week.

Selphie's childhood had been different from most other kids she knew. Her father Smoker, trained her and her older brother, Ikki in the martial arts and instilled in them both a firm sense of justice. She followed the rules and did her best scholastically despite not being particularly enclined to academia. She'd graduated from high school with her most notable trait being that she was a lower class socialite who wanted to unite the classes.

Her education had left her with few options for employment and with the textiles factory being on strike for the past few months, the perky brunette had sought employment elsewhere. She'd luck out in landing a job as the receptionist of Mr. Brief at Capsule Corp. She was grateful to have the chance to prove herself to the world and to her family. She loved them all dearly but there were times when a gal needed her independence.

It's the start of another day in Selphie's not-so-ordinary life. She's up early to get ready for work because she doesn't want to be late again. It's only been a few weeks since she graduated from High School and she wants to make a good impression for everyone to see. Her hair is pulled back into a half ponytail and she's in her customary spring themed poodle skirts and simple blouse.

She'll stop in the kitchen eventually and grab some food and chat up her family. She yawns a bit before digging into breakfast. The parents get a kiss on the cheek and Ikki gets a playful punch before she's off with her lunch bag in tow to start another day at Capsule Corp. Her boss is a bit of a hot head but he's not all that bad. Vegeta's gruff manner reminds her of her Father and it doesn't bother her because of that.

There was never a dull day as the receptionist of Capsule Corporation. There were all sorts of interesting people coming in and she took it upon herself to greet them all before helping them.

Whatever else happens during the day, Selphie will go with the flow.]
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[Everybody loves being dumped in strange places right?

Well, okay, maybe not but the Malnosso sure do enjoy dumping people in strange places. Alternatively, to bring a familiar face back into the enclosure, they're going to dump her in the fountain. A fountain that seems to be full of cool water as a small person appears in the air before belly flopping into it with a painful splash.

Selphie flounders in the shallow water before emerging from the water with her hair sticking to her head. Sorry if she got you wet, whoever you are, but she's going to look at her surroundings curiously. She wipes her bangs out of her eyes as she slumps over the ledge and frowns. She wasn't fond of aches from taking an unwilling belly flop, and she definitely wasn't fond of the pain radiating from her shoulders and neck.

She remains sitting in the water as she watches the people she doesn't know pass her by without so much as a glance. One would think that people in Luceti would be used to people being unceremoniously dropped in the fountain.

Quite some time later, Selphie has finally crawled out of the fountain and is sitting on the ledge with the journal she'd discovered nearby. She'd been pushing the buttons to figure out how everything in it worked before she finally gave the journal a whirl. Her dress was drying in the summer sun, and she had a bemused look on her face. The details of this situation she's found herself involved in being clear, but she'll take it in stride just like she has with every other major event in her life.

No big deal as she presses the button that will give her entry a voice.]

Hello? Hey, is this thing on? Testing, testing! ONE TWO THREE!

So... I know that there are people here and that it's warm and everything, but um... is there any chance I could borrow a towel and a change of clothes?

I definitely made a splash coming into wherever I am and um... can somebody tell me what's going on?


Jul. 4th, 2013 10:58 am
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CHARACTER NAME: Selphie Tilmitt

This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.

Backtagging: Absolutely!
Threadhopping: Encouraged! ^^
Fourthwalling: Please ask me first. :)
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing that I can think of at the moment but this section may be subject to change.


Hugging this character: Yes
Kissing this character: Yes
Flirting with this character: If you insist~
Fighting with this character: I'm game if you are
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Feel free but no amputating or life threatening injuries.
Killing this character: Please contact me and we can discuss this.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Again, please contact me and we can discuss this.

Warnings for Luceti players:

For those in the know, Selphie had a very intimate relationship with Ceodore Harvey before he was dropped. I would greatly appreciate if this relationship was not brought up in future IC relationships for personal OOC reasons.


For Luceti: As per FF8 canon, Selphie regains full memories of the rest of her canonmates but only when the gang engages in a long conversation about it. I would like to engage this same concept for bringing Selphie's memories of Luceti and her past CR. If you don't want Selphie to remember your character/past CR, please leave a comment on this entry.

Thank you!

For Proxima Beta: Sex is not a problem for me, I'm just not the most experienced on the topic and therefore don't feel confident in my ability to write it and have it come across as believable. Kissing and foreplay, I can handle but getting down to the nitty gritty of the mattress mambo, I would appreciate if we could please make use of the fade-to-black.

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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[The message is bright and cheery as the person on the other end of the line hears the following:]

Hey hey! You've reached Selphie! Leave a message and I'll get back to you!

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[It's a miracle that Selphie's still managing consciousness as she stumbles back into House 11. Her aches, ache and her reserves of adrenaline are just about spent as she makes a slow, stomping trudge up the stairs to the second floor of the house. She peels off the layers of destroyed leather and leaves them in scattered heaps on the upper portion of the stairs. She'll stifle a yawn before opening the door to her room. She kicks her boots off into the open closet and finally gets a good look at herself in the mirror.

She looks like shit and couldn't care less. She's a lovely myriad of black, blue and purple as she contemplates a shower. Her hair is a tangled, matted mess from days of hard fighting and overuse of filial magic. She stands there in black leather pants and an undershirt before she peels out of her ruined clothes and slips into a pair of clean pajamas. The bags under her eyes have bags as she digs through the top drawer for the hi-potions she kept handy in case of trouble. She doesn't even wince at the awful taste as some of the discomfort dissipates as the potion works its magic.

It also brings with it a deep lethargy as she walks to her bed and flops into the comfort of the matress beneath her tired body with a soft grunt of pain. She stares at the white ceiling with disinterest before her hand reaches for the journal. She doesn't know what to say about the draft other than the fact that it went to hell in a handbasket fairly quick.

Add in a 12 hour enforced quaranteen where the Malnosso refused to let her sleep for more than two hours at a time and Selphie's ready to crash for the next couple of days. Maybe she should've gone to the clinic for treatment and lectures from Bones but she's just too out of it as she fumbles for the voice button.]

Hey. [The exhaustion is clear in her voice.]

There might be more people coming back from the draft and they're gonna need help so keep an eye out for them, okay? I dunno where they're gonna show up but they're gonna be pretty banged up and half-awake like me.

So... g'night Luceti. It's good to be back...

[Selphie trails off and all that's left to hear is her soft breathing before the posting eventually times out. If one is listening closely, they might hear some mutterings about Zombies, viruses and hi-potions.]

[ooc: Responses from Selphie will be forward dated at least 18 hours from now.]
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[It's been about a month since Selphie had been returned to Luceti. Things had been confusing at first but thanks to talking with friends, her memories have returned to her completely. She'd also spent quite a bit of time wandering around the village and getting reacquainted with the place. A lot of things have helped her in more ways than words can really express. She's settled back into her daily routine in Luceti.

Then the Amnesia struck the village, leaving her oddly unaffected. Maybe the Malnosso were just being particularly cruel but there wasn't a lot she could do about that now. She just accepted the fact that the Malnosso were assholes and left it at that. She'd spent much of that time watching the people and helping out where she could. It was a part of her nature after all and she wasn't about to change that.

This current morning brings Selphie to the village plaza and a session of digging through the item shop for any pieces of home that might have turned up. There isn't much for her find however, as she frowns at the objects underneath her hands. It's disconcerting, but expected that things from home would turn up so soon. She does lay claim to a multicoloured pair of mittens for the upcoming winter and tucks them into the bag she'd brought with her.

The days were getting cooler as the fallen leaves fluttered past on the breeze. The trees were starting to turn and the smells of fall were in the air as Selphie eventually winds up settling down in the library with her journal and a pen in tow.]

The more things change, the more they stay the same. A lot of the faces are different but Luceti as a whole hasn't changed.

So, consider this your roll call, Luceti. Who's still here? Who's new? Who am I not entirely acquainted with yet? Come say hi or something! And, mass amnesia and comatose pirate chef's aside, how's everybody doing?

Speaking of Comatose Pirate Chef's, is he up yet? :) [Be afraid Sanji. BE VERY AFRAID.] Also, you owe me cookies for a month.
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[Something isn't right with the world today. The weather forecast from the night before hadn't called for rain but sure enough, Selphie could hear the torrential downpour from outside. She'd gone to bed the night before to be ready to face the next day and sure enough... something doesn't feel right. For one thing, Selphie never woke up with aching shoulders and they were killing her at the moment. She gave a sleepy whine in protest of the aching before she attempted to curl into a tight ball and go back to sleep. It feels way too early to get up before a peal of lightning cracks through the air and with a start she's sitting up in bed.

The room isn't familiar at all nor is the person sleeping next to her.

There's someone... sleeping next to her? What the hell? Is this someone's idea of a joke? With a startled scream, Selphie kicks the person out of their bed before grabbing the pillow and hiding herself behind it which is quite the feat considering the size of the pillow. She throws the first pillow and misses the stranger but it manages to knock a journal off the bedside table with just enough force for it to start recording their altercation.]

What the hell is going on here?!

[And Rudy is suddenly and abruptly kicked out of his bed with an unceremonious "Oof!"]

Ack--! [W-WELP. WHAT HAPPEN?] You, who-- what are you...?

[And there goes the pillow right at Rudy's head.] What am I? What the heck're you doin'?! Are you tryin' to pull a fast one here?!

[And that's one (1) pillow to the face!]

I-I don't... Just-- please, hold on one second here!

No! [She throws another pillow. Why does he have so many? Rudy are you secretly a girl?]

Why should I?! Where are they? They're so gonna get it for this!


[It probably should go without saying that his room is complete mess now. Fortunately he had enough sense to not leave his tools, his ARM and its various materials lying about--oh damn. Please don't take notice of those, Selphie...!]

I-- Wait! I don't know what happened either, so please...!

Just what the hell is going on then? [She's fishing around for more projectiles to expel Rudy from his room when her hand wraps around the grip of Rudy's ARM.] Eh? What's this? [Selphie's grins impishly before she's holding the ARM with both hands and levelling it at Rudy.] You've got five seconds to explain or you're Grat bait, buster.

[Oh no, she did spot it. Not only that, but she's managed to lift it and point it at him too. What do, Rudy? This could get very dangerous here. Of course, without being able to mentally sync herself to the ARM, she shouldn't be able to fire it... but Rudy's not taking that risk.

Just keep calm and explain yourself, Rudy! Even if he's just as confused as Selphie here, it'd be a really good idea to try and calm this person down first.]
Huh-- Wait, hold on...! [See? He's waving his hands in defeat!] I-- You're a New Feather, right? Please, put the ARM down and I'll try to explain!

New Feather...? [Well... that pings something familiar in her mind. It's foggy but it's enough that she lowers the ARM and stares at Rudy.] Why does that sound so familiar?

[ooc: Selphie and Rudy joint post! Threadjacking welcomed and encouraged!]
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[Selphie isn't one to write study notes down very often but with the Britannia setting sail on the sixteenth, she has a lot of information to commit to memory. Add into the fact that she's run out of notebook paper and the journal is really the only source of paper she has without leaving the house in search of supplies. There have been worse things drawn in the journal in the past so this shouldn't be so bad.

In fact, it may even be familiar to some so if they feel the need, they are more than welcome to make any corrections as a couple of images are drawn.

a cut that doesn't really exist! )

It's slowly coloured in over time before several lines of text join the images.


1 bell = half hour
2 bells = 1 hour
2 bells, pause, 1 bell = 1 hour, 30 minutes
2 bells, pause, 2 bells = 2 hours
2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 1 bell = 2 hours, 30 minutes
2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 2 bells = 3 hours
2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 1 bell = 3 hours, 30 minutes
2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 2 bells = 4 hours and end of watch.


First Watch = 8 pm until Midnight
Middle Watch = Midnight until 4 am
Morning Watch = 4 am until 8 am
Forenoon Watch = 8 am until Noon
Afternoon Watch = Noon until 4 pm
First Dog Watch = 4 pm until 6 pm and first dinner break
Second Dog Watch = 6 pm until 8 pm and second dinner break

Just a few more days until the Britannia sets sail. Should I bring a compass just in case? I probably won't need it because I'm just relaying orders and I can do that but would it be a good idea to have an extra one just in case?

[Selphie draws in a worried face at the bottom of her notes. She's not feeling particularly confident in remembering all that information. It's her first time on board a vessel since the last mission and most of that was a blur. It all went by so quickly for her back then and the drafts are times she'd sooner not think about.]

Anybody wants me, I'll be at the Battle Dome on the boat simulator.

I've done this before... why am I so nervous?
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[Suddenly, the entire house was acting weird and that meant one thing to Selphie. The Malnosso were up to their usual tricks and seem to have left her unaffected by the shift. The shifts aren't surprising so much as she wasn't prepared for one so soon after she'd been returned from a Mallynapping.

The Malnosso didn't really feel like giving Selphie a break however.

The third day rolls around of the experiment and Selphie's feeling quite young. Six years young to be exact with messy brown hair and bright green eyes as she begins exploring the house in her oversized nightshirt. The little monkey just might be attempting to climb bookshelves to get that shiny object on the top shelf. There's going to be books everywhere unless someone manages to stop her in time.

For the rest of the shift, people will find a child version of Selphie running loose through the village being loud, cheerful and generally... a little kid. Eventually, someone is kind enough to give her some overalls and a yellow t-shirt. Another gives her a pair of sandals. She smiles a toothy grin at the kind people before running along on her merry way.

She's on the lookout for her Uncles, Mama, Papas and Big Brother but she still stops to play all over the place. The playground, the school yard, the fountain, the plaza. She'll run as fast as her little legs can carry her and anybody will be able to hear her from a mile away.

Luceti, the pint sized terror known as Selphie Tilmitt is on the loose and in dire need of a responsible adult. Whatever are you going to do with yourselves?]

[ooc: Selphie's shift effects are that she's going to bittified and AU'd back into the Luceti Valley AU. She'll be like this for the duration of the event. Have fun with her! But please, please be gentle. :)]
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[ooc: Selphie's permanent effect will be complete memory loss of Ceodore Harvey.

First chronological post goes to Helios. After that, open action for House 11! ^^]

[May 12 Midday

Something's not right.

A week ago, Selphie engaged the Malnosso droids before she'd been kidnapped. They knew their test subject well enough by now to restrain her from trying to fight off the Scientists off. She'd screamed every time they'd shocked her. The constant treatments have left Selphie weak as they'd deposited her in the forest outside of the village. Her clothes were replaced by a gown soaked through by the rain and earth as her eyes finally opened.

There was more done though. Her hair that she'd let grow out over the past two years was sheared back with bits of dried glue stuck into it. She's not fully aware of what they'd done but the downward spiral of confusion has already begun.

Where is she? What's going on? Why does her body hurt so much? There's so many jumbled and confusing thoughts running through her mind as her eyes finally focus. The brunette lies there for quite some time trying to focus on any one thought before she even attempts to sit up.]


[It's not long after she manages to rasp out that one word that Selphie finds herself slumping back over and staring out at the distance. It's taking everything she has just to stay awake until someone finds her. Even then, there's no knowing how long she'll even manage that.

May 13

Wherever Selphie's been taken, the chances of her waking up are slim to none at this point in time. It's going to be better to just let her sleep off the drugs.

May 14

Wherever Selphie finds herself, it's warm, comfortable and familiar. She'll be more alert but still confused and fuzzy on details about Luceti. She'll be in confused but good spirits as she looks down at the blankets tucked around her. She sits up gingerly as the blankets pool around her waist. She looks around the room at its cheery decor and is only left wondering where and what in the world is going on. She swings her feet over the side of the bed and let's them settle on the floor.

She notices the healing bruises for the first time and wonders what happened to her. There's thoughts running through her head but nothing seems to make any sense. Little patches of memories are all that she's gathering as she makes her way to the door. She moves with caution as she opens the door. Her head peeks out to get a look at where she is.]

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[Forward dated to the morning of May 5.]

Nothing said fun like catching a spring cold. Selphie had spent a few days in bed resting up before anyone could tell her to go to bed before she'd emerged from the house in good spirits. She'd missed the worst of the most recent shift so there wasn't really too much for the girl to complain about. With her nunchaku in hand and training gear already on, the perky brunette is intent on heading to the battle dome for some training.

Or at least, that was the plan when she heard some rustling just outside of House 11. Sure enough, there were some droids coming in Selphie's direction. Selphie unloosed her nunchaku from its holster and settled into a battle ready position. She knew she didn't stand a chance against the droids but she'd still give them a good fight. She wasn't weak and she wasn't stupid as she put her weight into the first strike before following it up with a blast of Kipinn's magic. It managed to knock a droid into a tree with a sickening crack.

It did little to phase the droids as descend upon the girl with ease. The sounds of the fight along with the separating of earth thanks to Faeren's talents. Selphie managed to stall a droid before one of them winded the girl with a swift punch to the gut. She quickly scrambled at the earth with shaking fingers as she collected a small mound and thrust the bottoms of her weapon into it for someone to find amidst the small fissure in the ground and the telltale footprints of the droids. The fight was a short one but certainly made enough noise for her housemates to take notice.

The people of house eleven just couldn't catch a break with the Malnosso these days.
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[Selphie had somehow managed to survive the attack from the Malnosso's superbot by the skin of her teeth and she paying for it now. Adrenaline had gotten her through the attack but now, she felt like she'd been run over by a bus. Her visible lack of armor had just about had her done in as she'd been put to bed in House 11 and hadn't left it since. Her energy was drained and she was feeling lifeless after discovering the full joys of Luceti's power cap and the after affect of using her stronger limit break. All the sugar in the world couldn't perk her up at the moment as she dozes in her room.

She dreams of the Weapon's back home before they transform into the bot that'd just about killed her and Adell. She sees those swords flying straight for her in the dream and she wakes up with a start. There's a brief cry of pain before she sinks back into the pillows and ponders what she's going to do with herself until this current round of injuries heals itself up. She glances over at the small bottle of pills they'd given her for the pain but they made her ill and she didn't like taking them unless she absolutely had to. Selphie's a stubborn girl but even then there's really only so much that she can take.

It left her with a lot of time to think about everything.

She'd been in Luceti for almost two years. She'd loved and lost for the first time and even now it still left her feeling empty inside. Just thinking about Ceodore was enough to bring her to tears but she hadn't cried since he'd left. There wasn't anything to feel sad about anymore. She'd lost more friends to Luceti than she'd ever lost in Trabia.

Selphie keeps moving forward. She's not really sure herself what keeps driving her forward these days but it's there. A little piece at the back of her mind that keeps telling her keep going the only way she knew how. Granted, Selphie's twisted sense of logic usually ends up getting into her fair share of trouble as she eventually pulls her journal and begins flipping through it. She was a bit out of the loop and wanted to check up on news.

The New Feather season was basically over with so what else was there to do?]

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow... okay, that hurt...

So... to the lovely people in the armour shop and I do believe you know who you are... I need some armor but I kinda feel like a giant bruise at the moment so that might have to wait.

[The shuffle of fabric can be heard along with a slightly more than muttered string of expletives.]

Will kill for an X-Potion by the way... Or any type of potion really. I've got more important things to do than stay in bed all day. We gotta find out about those droids that attacked the Battle Dome --

[A sharp intake of breath can be heard before Selphie sinks back into the pillows with a frustrated growl. She moved a bit too fast and is currently reaping the rewards of pulled muscles singing a chorus of agony.

Really now. Whichever Doctor was looking after Selphie might want to tell her to lay back down.]

Okay. Lying back down now.

[Filtered to Adell]
Hey... how ya doing?
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[First it was Gold and Silver. A little while later, Lymsleia had joined them and now Roy was gone as well.

It's only been a few days since the kidnappings but Selphie can already see the toll that it's taking on Frey. He's barely home these days and she knows that something stinks when he's not eating anything either. Naturally, the perky brunette has taken it upon herself to hunt him down and drag him back to the house for some food and sleep. He's no good to anybody if he's sick and Lym would worry herself sick and end up stuck in bed right beside him.

She finds him eventually near the fountain with his shoulders slumped forward. There's dark circles under his eyes from exhaustion and she can only wonder what he's eaten in his waking hours since his sister was taken. She walks over with a deep worried frown on her face and it's fallen to Selphie to convince him to come home and take care of himself. She's ready to knock him out if she has to but is really hoping that it doesn't come down to that.]

C'mon Frey. That's enough.

[A bit later after Selphie's managed to get Frey home, fed and put to bed, she's decided to finally put that question that's been burning a hole in her head to good use. Ever since that last post from Sir Catherine, she's had more questions than answers than she's ever had during her stay in Luceti. What had she forgotten about from her previous stay in the village? Who had been in the village the longest? She was going to put her information gathering skills to the test this very moment.]

Luceti! This is Selphie and I've got a questions for everybody in the village. I don't really talk about it very often but like a few others who have come back, I've been in the village before. So if you all don't mind, would you mind dropping me a line telling me how long you've been in the village for? I'll have been here for two years myself this coming April.

Call it a Census if you feel like it but I'm curious.

[Ulterior motives are staying hidden for the time being.]

[ooc: action is for Frey! The rest of the post is open to everybody! Yes, even you antisocial grump faces.]
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[Selphie was gone for two weeks and she left the village on a mission for a week without so much as a word. She'd worried about someone trying to stop her from going when all she wanted was a distraction from thoughts that were looming in her mind about the experiment that was going to happen on Valentine's Day. Ceodore Harvey were in a lot of those thoughts and she wanted nothing more than to escape them.

So she'd volunteered for the Malnosso's missions.

A little combat testing without magic was nothing to Selphie and was a great tool for venting frustration. At least that time, she knew she'd be up against some sort of nonsense. There might be some stiches and other minor, mostly healed up wounds that she's hiding under the sweater she'd left the village in. Her jeans were torn and stained with mud but she was coming back to Luceti from the tunnels to see all the lovey-dovey nonsense afflicting everyone and prays to Hyne above that this experiment is going to be over soon.

The research assistance she'd given on the second week wasn't anything to cry home to Mom about. She'd learned a thing or two some other worlds but she didn't have any intentions of speaking about these little factoids. If those people wanted to tell everyone about their worlds, than they were more than welcome to do so. It just left Selphie wishing that she could have at least taken a computer back with into the village.

She'd earned a reward or two and had requested appropriately. What those items were? Well... she'll keep that a surprise from everybody.

The little presents don't make her like Luceti, but it's just nice to get something back for her blood, sweat and tears. The lack of sleep would be remedied easily enough as she starts making her way back to House 15. She wanted a shower, clean clothes, warm food in her belly and sleep. The house is in sight and... it's quiet. Eerily quiet and Selphie rushes inside to find that the house is empty. Where the hell is everybody? Did they just up and move? She heads for the room she shares with Yellow and finds it empty and shouts out loud about what the hell was going on? Thankfully, nobody can hear her but it's a damn annoying notion. Now she's tired and cranky and stalking her way to the item shop to procure herself a journal.]

Alright, where is everybody? You guys could've left a note or somethin' you know! Seriously... a girl goes away on a mission and everybody ups and leaves. More importantly... where's my stuff?

And please tell me that the current experiment is almost over with? seriously guys, keep all the making out inside will ya? Sheesh!

[Not that she can really talk considering her frequent PDA violations.]

Now then. What's going on around the village and if anybody can bring a gal a burger, I'd appreciate it!

C'mon! Seriously... House 15, you guys all suck!


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